[Need HELP] UE4 4.12.4 LevelSequencer Play at level start ..

Hi !

I’m currently facing some kind of an “issue” (it’s my way of saying i’m a noob ^^ ) …

I’ve started tu use the New "Sequencer " (for cinematic and other stuff ) , but i’ve been in trouble at start so i’ve decided to read all the documentation about it (yes , really … all the doc ^^ ) and i think i’m missing something …

In older version of UE4 (like 4.10 f.e ) with a matinee actor we can just make a reference to this actor and play it with a few BP node …

It seems like we can’t do this with LevelSequence actor … it’s a little confusing so let me be more clear ;

1 - i’m creating a LevelSequence
2 - i add a camera , add some keyframe and voila ^^
3 - i save this LevelSequence actor
4 - i want to play this sequence with BP node (in the levelBP for ex ) but …

[Problem 1]

I can’t ! … i can add a reference to this actor in the levelBP but i can’t find any order like "play " or something similar …

[Problem 2]

I go check the LevelSequence options in the details panel and i see “autoplay” with a checkbox (typically a boolean ) so i check the box , look for the playrate , set a loop option and voila … i’ve also put the default GameMode in place to be sure there is no interference with my GameMode … nothing to do …

Where with matinee the cinematic is playing at start , i can’t reproduce that with LevelSequencer … :confused: :feelbad:

So , there is my question ;

Question :

How can i play a LevelSequence at level start since even the autoplay checkbox don’t play anything ?

[more infos : ]

Yes , i’m sure i have a levelsequence
Yes , i’m sure i have a camera set with some keyframe
Yes , i can see the result in the "cinematic viewport " as some kind of a preview
Yes , i’m sure my sequence is saved

I’ve check all those infos twice :wink:

Anyway Thx guys for reading me and have a Nice day !!


[PS : if you need more infos or screens just tell me and i’ll post them ]

never mind guys !

the problem solved by himself … i dont know how or why but now it work …