Need help trapping this bug: Character flies up into air after anim

I have worried at this problem but haven’t found any resolution. I have systematically eliminated large sections of bp for testing but can’t get rid of it

In PIE multiplayer w/ dedicated server and also in built games running on dedicated server, after I play an animation (any animation) for a death event, on all but the owning client’s screen the dead player character shoots up into the air like a ballistic missile.

This happens most of the time but not every time.

This is a false display as once the affected player moves, he appears in his proper location for all clients.

I have isolated (by removing nodes) the problem to the actual playing of the animation itself. If I remove all code triggered by anim notifiers, the bug persists. I use booleans to trigger the two states involved in the FSM. I use the same method for other anims that work fine.

I have also tried playing animations separately in the character bp and have the same problem.

Anyone have any suggestions?