Need Help To Export From Blender > UE4 Lost Textures :c

So I am trying to get my Rock model (one of many) into ue4 but the textures are lost when i import it to ue4…

So this is how the model is supposed to look like

but in ue4 i only get my model but no textures (textures are made in cycles render)

i’ve heard people say something about baking but there is litterly no video out that shows indepth on how to transfer my texture aswell.

So im calling out to you peeps out there and i beg of you to help me as i really want to learn this. :slight_smile:

Import the textures separately. Just save your textures, import them in UE4 and create a material to link the textures to the mesh.

going to take a wild guess that the mesh isn’t uvw mapped and the “textures” shown are a procidual material set up in blender
so basically first you need to uvw your rock, then bake the material setup into a few texture maps eg diffuse(colour), normal, specular or roughness
then export the lot into UE4

so i got to do more then what ive done here?


well you could try importing those textures into ue4 and setting up a material that looks the same