Need Help to "Cast To" a blueprintable Actor Component.

I need some help to “Cast To” a blueprintable Actor Component from within a UMG Widget. I don’t know what to make the object on the “Cast To” node.

Are you casting to another BP


An Actor Component BP which is the new Blueprintable thing they made in 4.7.

So is “Get all Actors of Class” / “Get” / “Cast to …”

not working?


I didn’t see “Actor_HealthPoints” in the drop down panel in the “Get all Actors of Class” node.
I did see it in “Get Components by Class” node drop down panel.

If “Actor_HealthPoints” is a component, you are not able to cast to it. Cast to the actor where this component is and then get / set it from the actor.

Going to try that now, Thanks!

yeah this sounds right. Cast to actor, then get from blue pin and set to modify.

Is this what you guys are talking about?