Need help textures on animated skeleton mesh

I am doing max. I imported skeleton mesh with textures *.fbx.

Great. The full model is there and everything (textures) is in place.

Then i import the skeleton mesh and textures in UE4. The right *.fbx protocol 2013 and BOOM

All is apart.

  • The grey mesh can i place in the view. :slight_smile:
  • The animation i can apply to the mesh. :slight_smile:
    But then the struggle begins.

I really put the imported textures on the right place on the mesh, but all goes wrong… :frowning:

A big mess on the mesh. I’ve read that er must some connections to be made but how or what. I desperate need to put back on the horse by someone. A videotutorial have i not seen.

But who can help me here… thanks in advance.

Just import the textures manually and then create materials in the UE4 which you can assign to your mesh. :wink: In most cases I do it like that.

Please can you do a videotut? I think i do things wrong…Thanks in advance

  1. Export the textures (I cant show you how to do that with 3ds max -> Im a blender user :p)
  2. Then import the textures (they should be a png/tga file)
  3. Now right click onto the texture -> create new material
  4. Now go to your mesh and check if it has material slots
  5. Then with the material selected that we have created before click onto the assign button that you can find at the material slot
  6. now the texture should be displayed on the mesh

Could you probably also post a picture so that I exactly know what you are looking for? :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks man. That’s what i am looking for. Hahahaha…i must spend more time on UE4, but what thinks my wife about it. OOPS…:rolleyes: