Need Help Storing Multiple Arrays

Here’s the deal, i need a way to Save the path of the player until the player presses a button, at which point an object follows the path of the player from the start of the game untill the time of the button press.
If the player presses the button again the first object is supposed to travel the path from the start to button press #1 and a second object spawns and travels the path between the two button presses.

My problem lies within storing the locations of the player and giving them to the spawned objects. Currently im trying it with an vector array that tracks the player position and on creation of an object that object will get those values.

Is there a way to Store an Array within an Array via Blueprints ?

If there is i could spawn an object for each Array that is being in the “Container” Array, and each of those opbject would get designated one of those arrays within the “container” Array.

Hope I made myself clear and thanks in Advance

Yes there is way, try >structs<.

But from your problem description i see no need for storing multiple arrays. Just store one global array of player locations. Then store indexes to point in that array where objects are. ie. at what location from array object is.