Need Help ! Spaceship character movement issue

Hi guys , i am now making a spaceship movement blueprint which allow me to rotate my camera view by using mouse, move forward , backward , right and left by pressing W,A,S,D, up and down
by pressing Q & E and Left Shift to accelerate.Here is the issue that im facing:

  1. When the game is played, the pawn move at a very slow speed when i press W key (i assume it is the default speed), when i press Left Shift, the pawn movement speed switch to the max value that i set in the variable and when i release shift key, now the pawn is moving with the minimum speed that i set in the variable. How to make my pawn always move in the minimum speed at the beginning of the game ?

  2. I cant move my pawn up down by using my current note setup.But with adding a “set movement mode” in between and set it to flying , i can now control my pawn up and down.
    But if i setup this way, my accelerate function is now disable and my character movement speed become super slow again.

How can i solved this 2 issue ?

Also, i am currently using a character blueprint.

Sorry for posting such long question here , but i really hope to able to get some help here =(

Thank you.