Need help recovering project. I have the UASSET backup files.

TL:DR - I have the files for my project and Unreal recognizes them, but when I open the project, it opens as a brand new project. It has everything in my content browser but it only has the generic new level objects in the world. I have the UASSET backup files but don’t know what they are or how to use them.

Explanation as to how this happened. - I’m a dumby and hadn’t used onedrive before. I knew some files were autosaved to it and I thought they would have been files that I would no longer need. So when I got my new laptop, it autosaved all of my unreal files to onedrive. When I had collected more than 5 GB, it kept spamming me to delete things/get more space. So I deleted everything. Once I saved my project and closed it, I could no longer access the project. So I went back to onedrive and recovered all the ‘not yet’ deleted files. I put the files in the new Unreal projects folder and recognized the missing projects along with their names and preview pictures. But when I opened the files, they were all the basic ‘new level’ maps. I have a lot of UASSET files in the backup folder but have no idea how to get my project back. Thank you for the feedback!