Need Help Please

Im very new to all these making games but I love it and ALWAYS wanted too…But, IM SO CONFUSED…

First off, I want PHOTO realistic video maker for in game videos…2nd…I want to make content like animation, cloths,textures,HUMANS,birds,trees,grass ect…In other words I wanna build a game = too Mass Effect…But better! I want to out UE4 engine…

I want you guys to LIST software I need for this…First list off the BEST software, Then a LIST of cheaper similar software…Please Help, Its taken me 2 weeks to find Blender and Makehuman, Daz3D, Maya , Maya LT, And Solution designer…Oh and 3Ds and Adobe software…What on EARTH do I use??? Does UE4 DO any of This?? UGggggg

Blender and Makehuman, Daz3D is free but looks TOTALLY Indie :confused: Not saying Indie is BAD but I really want Epic Games or Bethesda quility LOL…

For creating good content you need:

-a 3d program -> there you can model the mesh, animate it, bake the textures,… (blender is a good choice. example of a character: https://forums.unrealengine/album.php?albumid=3&attachmentid=50)
-gimp/photoshop for editing the textures
-when you want to get very good textures you can always take a good camera -> go outside -> shoot some “texture pictures” -> edit them in gimp/photoshop
-very good materials, particle effects and lightning

But the most important is the level of skill of the one that wants to create those assets. e.g a bad modeler wont get a good result :slight_smile:

Wow nice Character!!

So I need Blender, Photoshop and UE4 too build a Mass Effect (TYPE) of game?

  • visual studio or any other programming program
  • when you also have cloth stuff in your game, then you will also have to use apex (://
  • probably also a drawing program when you want to draw concept arts (but there you can also use gimp or photoshop)
  • a good texture source
  • probably a landscape generator (world machine)

Then you’ll have to learn - and learn a fair amount, to say the least. In the interest of being entirely honest, you’ve stated that you’re entirely new to game development - of any kind. As such, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be able to achieve triple-a quality results off the bat. There’ll be a very, very steep learning curve. Especially as it appears that you haven’t worked with Unreal, 3ds / Maya, Photoshop or anything similar.

I’m not trying deter you here, by the way! I’m simply suggesting the following: start out small. Don’t aim to be the next Mass Effect. There’s nothing wrong with being an indie developer.

UE4’s Blueprint scripting should come in handy for you, allowing you to get a basic prototype up and running. Start there and you’ll not be disappointed.

Um… well good luck! :smiley:

Perhaps for now it would be best not to focus on what you want to create, but what you can create.

If your just starting out then its important to keep in mind that your desires will outstrip your abilities for while. For now focus on one or two core aspects, perhaps think about investing in the UE4 subscription and buying Photoshop (or Gimp if you want free) and working on simple 2d or simple 3d (Blender for free, Maya LT for reasonable or Maya\3DS super full pockets) games until you’ve learnt the fundamental skills required to move onto bigger and better things.

As far as software goes, use the free stuff (or cheap stuff) while you can. Buying a lot of software is a serious investment that may have little or no benefit to you at this stage in your career. Software isn’t going to magically going to make you better at producing models, games or textures just like no matter what paints you buy you’ll only be able to produce good paintings if you’ve developed the skill sets and understanding required to use them.

If you start small and aim to continually improve yourself with every project or asset you produce while keeping an eye on your eventual cool impossible then you’ll be set on the path of achieving great things.

Trying to better a Triple-A title on your first go out the gates is dooming yourself to frustration and burn out.

To put into perspective what you’re asking:

Mass Effect 3 was made by over 300 people (I’ve heard ME2 had over 600), costed over 40 million dollars, and took several years. That is literally hundreds of thousands of man hours into making a game of this type. Not to mention these are extremely talented industry professionals, some of which have been doing it 10-20 years+.

I suggest starting off making a pong or flappy bird clone to see how long that takes you, and go from there.

Thank you All for the advice and help…Your all good guys :slight_smile: