Need help, please.

Hello, guys.
Can you help me, please.
Now I can entering and exiting from Vehicle, but only from one (for example, I have 2 vehicles).
After LineTrace I cast to my car(Foton), and then add Possess function.
But I can`t to make several Cast.
How to implement this?

cast dont have white wire input

the problem is that i`m trying to cast to several vehicles, but it allows cast only to one.

how can i cast (or doing it with another function) to several actors?

in UE documentation they say in which cases you can use Casting:
“You want to access **multiple Blueprints **of the same class and modify them all the same way.
You have several lights in your level and you want them all to turn on or off when an event occurs.
Cast to your Light Blueprint and execute a function that turns the light off.”
But there no example how cast to multiple BP

anybody guys

By casting to multiple BP I am assuming you mean all the BP’s are of the same class, just several instances of it.

You will need some way of getting references to them. You can do that by line trace, on overlap, or just plain hard code the references. Then you need them all in an array. Do a for loop of your light BP array and call the function.