Need help New Asset type and action

Good morning,

I am developing a plugin to create prefabs in the same form as the clipboard, I will use the TextAsset plugin as a base.
For the moment I can use hard copies of the press via an external software that I have developed.
It is possible to bypass the copy problem by executing a first copy in an actor (as to copy components) before it is possible to make direct copies in the world, I believe I have identified the problem in the function (the first part and only for component copy).
I have some questions to finish the asset type.

I would like to add a context menu on an actor selection group to perform the “Make Prefab” action.

I would like to add the possibility to make a drag and drop of the asset type in the viewport to execute the paste in the world.

Thank you.

You can create context menu from custom asset factory class; for existing factories I don’t know if it’s possible to change them without engine source modifications.