Need Help making Enemies See me & then Chase me!

I hit a wall days ago & I just can’t seem to figure this out.

I’m creating a Side Scroller, and so far I have this working:

This is the Data Asset that I have.
Enemy01 Data Assets.png

I followed a tutorial to create a Wandering Behaviour and it works great!
Enemy01 Wander.png

And this is the Behaviour Tree that was created is here…

So far so good. but the next step is to attach a “Chase Player” function (the node that’s connected to nothing in the BT)
I already had a chase player function that works:
Enemy01 Chase Player.png

But that’s sitting in a different enemy’s class BP.

If I try to replicate that same sequence as it’s own BTTask_BlueprintBase BPTYPE_Normal, I get a bunch of errors.

My goal here is as follows:

  • Have the Enemy wandering around
  • If controlled player (player 1) gets within range of Enemy, Enemy stops Wandering, starts Chasing Player 1
  • When touching Player 1, start Attacking Player 1

This is my 1st time programming anything, and I’m really feeling discouraged right now.
It sounds really simple to do, but I just can’t figure it out.
Please help me out guys.