Need help making an account system.

Hello. I was wondering where I should start with making a login system. All I really want is to have people be able to put in a username and password and then the game would open a save file from the server, and the game could then write the save file to the server. Could something like this be done using Google drive or dropbox, by having the game load a file and write to there? (I have no idea I’m just throwing out ideas). I would try to do something like this using cookies (since I want it to be a web game) but I’m afraid people would just cheat so I’d rather have it saved on a server they can’t access. Maybe my goal could be achieved if the player was able to login with Google, Facebook, or Steam?

Search for VaRest-PHP-and-MySQL in the Community Content, Tools and Tutorials section. As an example it will show you the basics but you will want to change some stuff before others use it.