Need Help Limiting Camera Boom Movement

Hello, I’m setting up a free-look for my character. I’m using the default 3rd person template. I have it all working great but I would like to limit the (YAW) movement. I have tried all day to figure this out but no luck. I almost had it working but I have run into a problem because the camera boom gives me numbers -179 to 179. By default my character and camera boom is facing 0/yaw so everything works fine. When I rotate 180 degrees and press my free-look button the camera boom doesn’t start at 0 so it messes up everything. I can’t clamp it unless there is a way for the camera boom to start out at 0 yaw no mater what way the character is facing after I press my free-look button (Alt). Anyone have an idea how to clamp this.

I would like my character to only look 160 degrees behind each side.

This is how I’m getting the camera boom YAW

This is how I’m free-looking

And to trigger the free-look on and off I’m just using the Alt key right now to change the “FreeLook?” Boolean to true on press and false on release.

Thanks to all that read this :slight_smile:

Also looking for help with this!

I believe, i can help…

This is my function, it switches between Front/Back view of the character. (Just use higher value in InRange(Max) than 1.0… 1.5 should do. (just a bug fix i found out after posting the image))

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Thanks for the help, all I had to do was use the “dot” with my setup and I was able to figure it out.