(Need Help) Having trouble with Rotations.

So I have gotten rotation limits to work. However instead of following the characters Axis it stays on the worlds axis instead of adjusting to the direction change. I want it to be like a plane. When I roll on the X axis and then pull back on the pitch I want it to lean to the side and then turn corresponding to the characters new direction. When I do it now I roll to the side and pull back the character goes to the side and then goes up when I pull back. I have a feeling it’s a vector thing. However I don’t see why it wouldn’t work the same as standard movement. All I added was Limitations to the axis values. LINK: See below:

I remember having the exact same problem a while back. Lemme dig arouc my old files to see if i found a solution

That would be awesome. Thanks.

Not sure if this is helpful, but i found rotation is a bit weird, here an example to rotate to a target socket.


Are rotation limits built in? That’s where the problem is. For some reason the axis isn’t adjusting with the character. So when I roll my dragon to the side and pull back on the it just goes up toward the sky instead of following the new vector. If I don’t do rotation limits it works fine. It’s when I add them in.