Need help getting Switch compiled in UE4

I’ve posted a few times in different categories but am really struggling.

I have UE4 source downloaded. I can compile it on it’s own.

I’ve downloaded the Nintendo Dev Interface, i’ve gone through the quick start guide, taken all the steps and Nintendo Switch is not showing in the Platform Configuration.

I logged into perforce and retrieved the Switch zip file for the corresponding UE4 engine version I have. I assumed after nothing worked prior, that I should take those files and drop them into the UE4 directory since the trees are the same.

When I do that, I cannot generate the project files as it crashes on trying to compile the Switch source files. If I add them in after I generate project files, UE4 no longer compiles.

I’ve been hammering at this for three weeks and am burning my release date, I really just need some help on what files go where and how to get this thing running.

I will be eternally grateful, thank you!