Need help for weapon animations

Hey everyone,

So I’m working on this little prototype for a game and currently I’m trying to figure out what is the best way to go about animating the weapon (which is a bow). Initially I thought I could just set up the bow with a skeleton made in Blender with IKs which allow the bow to flex when the string is drawn back, and then just work with it within UE4. Unfortunately the bones didn’t seem to keep the IK property from Blender and thus when the string bone is drawn back, the body does not flex along with it. I’ve considered just making some animations within Blender and then exporting them and then try to pair them to my character’s animations. Is this a good idea, or is there another way? Thanks!

Without having tried it, i would look into what can be done with the bones setup you mention. I guess it should be possible to add some bones and then use PhaT to setup some springy behavior. Look into the angular motors and see if they can produce something usefull…

Ah okay I’ll try that out once I’m done trying my own technique. Thanks lad!