Need help for fixing net correction while interpolating of actor location in multiplayer games

Hi there,
I’m trying to interp my character location over a short amount of time in my multiplayer game. so I created my CharacterMovementComponent and override the needed classes but there is still NetCorrections when I use SetActorLocation. So if anyone know about this problem and how to fix it please let me know.

void UBaseCharacterMovementComponent::OnMovementUpdated(float DeltaTime, const FVector& OldLocation, const FVector& OldVelocity)
    Super::OnMovementUpdated(DeltaTime, OldLocation, OldVelocity);

    if (bWantsToInterpLocation)
        float goalTrackPos = (TrackID == 0 ? TrackDepth : -TrackDepth);
        float newX = FMath::FInterpTo(CharacterOwner->GetActorLocation().X, goalTrackPos, GetWorld()->GetDeltaSeconds(), 5.f);
        CharacterOwner->SetActorLocation(FVector(newX, CharacterOwner->GetActorLocation().Y, CharacterOwner->GetActorLocation().Z));

        if (FMath::IsNearlyEqual(CharacterOwner->GetActorLocation().X, goalTrackPos, 1.f))
            TrackID = (TrackID == 0 ? 2 : 0);
            bWantsToSwapTrack = false;


I also interp MaxWalkSpeed in my CharcaterMovementComponent too but it works correct. So I don’t know what is different here with SetActorLocation.