Need help for combining two animations

I have two separate animation sequence. 1) posed T-shaped and the character is blinking eyes. 2) The character is standing and crossing arms.

How can I combine these two in UE4 so the character can blink eyes plus crossing arms at the same time?


you need to set up a montage for blinking… you would probably want to look up a better way to make this random… but…

Set up a montage… and drag in a blink animimation (my example is done with a spell animation… so your names will vary)
Click the magnifying glass

and add slot… name it eyes or blink or whatever.


In the drop down above the magnifying glass… set the default group to the new slot.


Click Here


than click here


that will tell the system you want it to loop.


Then… in the Animation Blueprint Event Graph
you need to add a way for it to play as the montage.
Such as a “Is valid” and a “Play Montage”
And simply hook it in somewhere… like this

now… your blink animation should running at all times… now you have to hook it into the animgraph.
like this

The slot will be whatever you named your slot before… like eyes or blinking or whatever.
then… select your layered blend per bone node and set the BONE you want your animations to blend at…

This will allow for everything beyond that bone to “overlap” anything else thats playing… from say your Locomotion state…

such as an animation of your guy folding his arms… or whatever you want him to do.

there is a really good 20 video Tutorial series HERE that might help you understand that a little better.
its not exactly what you are trying to do… but i feel like its close enough to get you there with a little imagination.

Good luck

Thank you, Bajungadustin. I got it right away and my character looks fine now.

Hey there,

thanks for the explanation!
unfortunatly all your pictures are not shown.
Is there a way to solve this problem?