Need Help! Extremely Annoying Problems

Okay I have two problems that are bugging the hell out of me with my editor. The first problem is that I keep getting the error below.

Lootpanel is a UMG widget. This error only occurs in my controller blueprint, which contains one variable to my gamehud which is the parent of Lootpanel. Whenever I need to access a function within Lootpanel, I am getting a reference through my gamehud variable. I think I read somewhere that this was a bug within the UE editor but I thought that was fixed. The retarded thing is the error fixes itself over time (10-15 mins), but every time I add code to the Lootpanel widget, my controller blueprint throws a fit. This just completely kills my productivity as I have to wait to be able to test out my new changes.

The second problem I’m having is that whenever I hit play, my game no longer possesses my controller or my pawn, but instead, I’m just playing as a flying camera. I have to manually possess them by either pressing F8 or right clicking inside the level editor and click Play From Here. I must’ve accidentally pressed a shortcut key or something that must’ve overridden a setting or something. How can I change it back to the default settings where pressing Play will automatically possess my controller and my character? Here is my map settings:

Hopefully you guys have some solutions to my problems, as the current state of my Unreal Engine editor is painful to work with. Thanks!