[NEED HELP] Explain how to make a saving system in blueprint

Hello UE4 Community !

I know i’m going to open a thread with a question who have been posed multiple times but I have search ( and found ) all posts who traiting this question and i can tells u that it’s very hard to understand if u start developping with Blueprints.

So I have a project Unreal Engine 4 with a main menu. From this menu, there are (among others) the button “Play”, the button “Option” and the button “Quit”.

When the player clicks on “Play”, he’s transferred to another level called “World1”. After he can play in this level (move, shoot, interact with NPCs, etc.)

Imagine that the player after interacting with the doors, the NPC and after moving to the level I want to save and exit the game. For this, he goes into the pause menu (create the wiki EU4) click on “Save” (the level is saved) and leaves the game.

The problem arises here: despite all existing turoriels the web, it is impossible to understand how to do this.

Indeed, it must really be saved ALL: Interactions with NPS, the doors open and the position.

I do not know if anyone can enlighten me and I think many other newbies like me making a “tutorial” in the manner of Wikis EU4

I thank you in advance,


UP !

I do a up because i rlly need explications :slight_smile: