[NEED HELP] Engine settings and optimizations for Paper2D project

Hello all :slight_smile:
I’m working on a little game using Paper2D.
I need some help to run the game on a wide range of computers, also laptop and low-end Pc.
Since I’m working with unlit materials, I’ve deleted lights/Skybox/Fog to increase the performances.
ATM I reach 500 fps [i7-4790k and GTX 660] on the compiled game, but some of my friends with a laptop barely reach 60-70 fps, I know that is “ok” but I’ve just one level with 3 UMG widgets, a couple of sprites and a tilemap, all 8bit graphics (I’m using the sprites from the Paper2D live streaming by Alan Noon).

What can I do? There is a method to disable the Gbuffer (I remember that from the profiling stream)?
What settings I need to change in my project to boost the performances?

Thanks for your help, and sorry if there is some error but I’m a bit tired! :cool: