Need help deforming a 360° video to panorama/rectangle/deformed

I started this project just a few days ago, and i was almost there to get it finished for next week, i took some panorama 360 videos and reforming to 360 from there using oculus rift and streaming from raspberry pi… but here is the issue, my brother told me the camera was able to stream in panorama, and i find out is just a 234° video, which is not what i need, now the second option i have is a sphere 360 video that i need to deform in order to look good in oculus rift, but i haven’t found any info, tutorial or anything related to unreal engine 4, if someone has any idea on how to do this, i’ll be extremely grateful, thanks in advance

i guess nobody paid attention to this, but i just figure it out anyways, it seems that working out on the uv unwrap in blender, is the way to go, is just i haven’t figure it out a way to make it without deforming the video, since this camera (kodak pixpro sp360 4k) is not actually 360° entirely, but 235° fish eye