Need help coming up with a new game idea!

Hey, hopefully this is where I’m meant to post something like this.

So I had an idea for a VR based mystery game where you wake up on a runaway train. I wanted it to look as realistic as I could to add to the immersion of the game in Virtual Reality. However I’m just not feeling the game idea anymore, it seemed good at first but now I’m not sure I can either 1) Actually complete it; or 2) Make it look good.

I was wondering if anyone could see what I’ve created so far and see how I could reuse the assets to create an entirely new game, whether it’s based on a train or if the train is stationary and you’re outside of it - or any other short VR game ideas that don’t necessarily use any of the assets. Just so I could get fresh ideas in my head.

I’ve been working and planning the one below for a couple of months so I’ve burnt myself out.


(Had to upload to Imgur as I kept getting database errors trying to upload images to this post)