Need help casting a blueprint after already casting one

Hi people, I’m trying to cast a second time inside the same blueprint to use a custom event I made for it. I’m trying to make a checkpoint and respawn system but I’m not able to get a correct casting, it goes to directly to the catch.

The cast to MC_BP works correctly until trying to cast to BP_RespawnZone it doesn’t work, both DeathZone and RespawnZone are actors.
The second image is just the event I want to perform after the end collition event, it works fine.
What am I doing wrong?

You don’t need to cast twice. Other Actor is already an Actor - see the blue note.

Just cast Other Actor to the BP Respawn Zone.

I tried that, but it’s still not working

I tried that, but it’s still not

Which part is not working? The cast is failing? If the cast is failing, it means that the actor leaving this Death Zone is not a Respawn Zone actor.

What is supposed to be happening here, could you describe what you’re trying to achieve?