Need help. Animation Blueprint interpolate between two frames that have the same position

Hello Guys,

i could need some help. I have a cube with a idle pos 0,0,0 (no movement) and a move forward animation. So if i play the move forward animation and the cube want to return to idle pos (move forward last frame is the same pos as idle pos) the Animation Blueprint try to interpolate between two points that are the same and instead of standing still, it move around a little bit.

Is there a way to turn off the interpolation in a generic state or a other good soltuion to avoid this interpolation problem between two same points?

If i just make a move forward animation without go back the interpolation is faster by goind back as the move forward animation. So its not really a soltuion.

At the Moment i just play single animations and switch between these to avoid it. But with that i am not so really happy :confused: