Need Help and volunteer to test a lighting Bug.

Hi there,

I have a bug on AnswerHub that requires some testing. I am looking for some kind soul
who could spend 5 minutes to help me take some screenshot.
Apparently, my blueprint generated mesh would randomly bugged out. Epic staff couldn’t manage to reproduce it so far.

Is there anyone who can volunteer to help me test this. I can’t offer anything but a great thanks.

Detail Explanation of the problem is here: ( but you don’t need to read it all )

Packages are here:

Unzip to your content folder … and open the map.

When you open the map there are big rectangles ( buildings ) and small cubes.

1)Scout around to see if you can
find small cubes that are PITCH BLACK ( no indirect lighting ) .Take a screenshot and post it here.
If they do not exist . take some screenshot random screenshot of the small cubes . and post it here

  1. Also there are some cylinders and bigger cubes on the ground. Make a copy of it using the shift button. Let me know if the turn pitch black.

Goto this link. Refer to the 2 last screenshot to see what I meant by small cubes.

I get the same problem when I open your map -> with the cubes and the cylinders:


Is this happening with your imported assets or the stuff that come with the engine as well?

As I can see from his assets that he has included in the package, he is using the existing small cubes from the shapes folder

Thanks for the response, it seems that this is not only on my machine.
What GPU are you using?

Is this appearing in more than one place?

Sometimes it appears on just one , but it can alos be on several buildings.

nvidia gtx 660ti