Need Advice on where to start...Sadly I am a Professional Procrastinator :(

Greeting’s I have been subed for 2 months, When I first saw the Unreal 4 Engine I knew I just had to finaly get into making games, I have been playing with the Engine on and off for 2 months, but nothing serious. But the more I try to get deeper into this the more my mind wanders, should i learn the engine, C++, Blender, relearn my old Photoshop skills using Gimp, etc. Years ago I had to deal with some Medical problems and to this day I still deal with them and because of that I tend to be very good at procrastination lol. But I am at a point that I must do some thing so please just tell me what I should do first.

I have been thinking maybe Blueprints, but then I think Blender…end less cycle lol. Some advice on work or learning practices be much obliged:)

Go make me a flamethrower that burns NPC’s NOW! Use the free assets that come with the engine and use Blueprints only. You can cheat by watching any tutorial you can find but it shouldn’t take you more than 6 hours to finish it(24 hours if you have no idea where to begin.) You’ll learn a lot along the way and enjoy your time and then crave for more, and eventually you’ll have made a start.

I’m new myself, just about to subscribe to UE4 tomorrow. If you really need direction just go on the Unreal Engine YouTube channel and follow their tutorial videos in order doing as they do. The best way to learn things is to do them yourself, and this gives you an order to learn things in.

I’m thinking that once people like us actually learn enough we can hop back on here, and look into who’s looking for new friends to work on games with.

The only thing you won’t need at the moment is C++. So learn the engine, blueprints, 3d asset creation using whatever tools you like, texturing/material setup, game design, level design and so on depending on what game you want to make.

Howdy Savi,

Like Jacky and Silverbot have said, tutorials are going to be your best friend when starting out with UE4. The forum thread, listed below, has helped me better understand the Engine when I was lost. There are a lot of great and informative tutorials that could be very useful to you.

Unreal News Weekly - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums.

Hope this helps out with your journey in UE4!