Need advice on Perforce/Version control

So, I’m pretty new to “Professional” collaboration and I was tasked with setting up a Perforce server. So I did that and everything seems to be going great with that. I can access it with P4Admin and P4V, but UE4 doesn’t want to play nice, it seems. I installed the server software with the default settings.

What I’m asking is, what settings or stuff do I need to change to get UE4 to see my server.

I’ve actually never used a version control software of any kind, so I’m a huge newb with this stuff right now. I’ve been googling my brains out for a couple hours now, and I still can’t find an answer.

I’m using server 2014.1, and the server is on the same machine as the engine for easy testing purposes.

I feel like such an idiot. I just needed to commit the workspace to the depot. :stuck_out_tongue: Now all I need to do is get a dedicated server, static IP, and to make sure that everyone can see the server.

MrCowKing did everything work out ok? Does the editor play nice with Perforce server 2014.1?

It should - I’m not sure we’re on the latest version of Perforce server internally but we’ve been using Perforce for many many years.