Need a Mentor or someone i can chat with.

since about 2 Weeks im learning how to use UE4. Sometimes i get stuck or need some advices.
I’m not a person aka “do it for me” it would be nice but i rather prefer to learn it so i could use my earned knowledge on something else :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make a MMORPG, for now i focus on the client, basic things where “networking” isn’t needed. After i get at the point that all the “solo”(not multiplayer) stuff is done i will learn about networking, i’ve learned a bit with switch authority, replication etc.

For now i know how tu use math, floats, vars, boleans, gates, i also made a slide bar setting to adjust the mouse AND! controller sensivity.

I’m making small steps and like to learn more about UE4! it’s really fun, since 2-3 weeks i played “games” for about 2h-4h rest of the free time is put into UE4 :stuck_out_tongue:

My “talking” isn’t that great so i prefer chatting.


Well hello and here is my first advice for you: **do not **start with an MMORPG, or any kind of that. :slight_smile:

Small steps are basics, but watch this first before you fail: [video][/video] and keep in mind; watch & learn, make sketches for later & create mini prototypes & repeat.

…and another great example for a “starting point” in game development: [video][/video]

If you need some good course, I strongly recommend this course: Udemy Releases New Epic-Approved Unreal Engine Course - Unreal Engine

Yeah the thing is that i make a game, not exacly MMORPG that will be like WOW… nono.
It’s a project to learn, learn how to create things, you need to have a goal.
I can make easily a Mobile 2D game, all you need is to know how to use inputs, math and floats, adding effects to things, explosions and all this i know how to do. I know how to spawn things etc… problem is i want to create a 3D game. So i need to learn how to set up controlls like zooming, physics etc. Basicly my list to do now.

A function to toggle “Settings Menu”.
I also made some things ready like the nodes and BP for “Mouse, Gamepad” sensivity, when i do something for “mouse/keyboard” i do the same for the Controller, i have a XBOX ONE controller. So far everything works.
I created a small text render to show if a object is server or client.
I did also my own small info key for testing, when i press it, it will show me some values, to do this i need to know what “append” is. If not that “Info Key Small Project” would never know that thing like “Append” exists.
I bought extra a Sony XZ Premium with an Adreno 540 GPU to test my game also on that platform.

Since about 2-3 years i have no fun playing games, when i was 16-17 i was playing a game that got worse and worse, now no one is playing that. I told myself, i will do a game that will be fun. No need for Super Extreme graphics… NO. For now i don’t care about Maps and Designs.
Now i care about functions of my “Character”, widgets etc. Now because i’m creating a widget i need to learn how to make things that i want and that will ONLY run on Client. Like settings etc. If that’s done… next step, networking.
My goal is also making all this via BluePrints.

There’s an Unreal Engine discord chat that’s very active.

You are very unlikely to find someone willing to mentor you for free, you’re asking for something for nothing.

You only think you know how to make a finished and complete mobile 2d game. Actually making and finishing one is an entirely different thing.

You might think your situation is unique, that you’re special, but every month or two I see a thread about someone just learning about game design, that doesn’t enjoy today’s video games, that thinks they can make a successful MMO, if they only had a mentor.

If i’m like everyone, how many 22years olds are here who own a company?
I’m not special but i’m not dumb at all, if someone can explain i will master it.
Ok so i should create a easy game. Just a normal arcade game… my question would be… how should that game look like and not beeing dead borring?
Making a plane game with line trace to shot tiny projectiles that will damage other actors? Yeah there are tons of these games.

I don’t make my project of MMORPG to make an AAA Game, it’s a learning project. I know that at the end like any other project it will land in trash. But after working some time and reaching new “i got stuck” points i earn knowledge…
So at the end i will be able to make small games in a Month or so. I have no problem creating inputs, controlls… my main problem is to focus my mouse on a widget, that means that i can instantly click on a button that’s on my hud and not first click on LMB to focus the widget… so far that’s my only problem right now. Then i will create a “load content into widget” when i get this [checked] and next tiny mission… creating slidebars to set mouse sensivity (it’s easy… all you need to update the var that is multiplying the units from the Mouse Axis) already done it :slight_smile:

Totally agree! So the other option is, why not shoot for a prototype???
Because the thing is, if the prototype excites then you’ll get more help!
But if it doesn’t, then its the thorny question of: is it worth continuing…
As was said you need to trade something! Company owner? Hire Rama!

I own a upholster company in germany, it’s a family company but i’m the owner and slowly taking over the “Player Controlls” haha
Usualy if i would get stuck for 2-3 days i would just leave it and keep doing my websites…
But no, it’s fun because i’m doing what i want to do. Making Goals that don’t motivate me will not teach me anything.

What you should try to do is to get in touch with people more directly through social media, attending meetings, online courses and interact with peers and instructors who might find attractive your idea or project and will help/mentor you.

I also believe that just chatting is not good enough, you need live interaction. But maybe you have found the way to have effective communication using chat only, who knows…

Yep I think that’s one of the very understated journeys of game dev…
The general advice typically is ‘you must start with something simple’.
But if you’re not of that mindset, it often just makes people give up!

I didn’t listen to that advice either, my first game was an open-world Multiplayer FPS…
Still a work-in-progress, hasn’t proceeded beyond advanced playable prototype stage…
(LAN only with no finished UI / Menus / Steam integration / Advanced Replication etc).
But its still a really useful foundation / fully playable open-world LAN Multiplayer game.

I wasn’t saying make a mobile game, just that making a successful game requires so many different skills beyond just knowing the basics of game design. Most of these indie developers with huge break through successes, it’s their 3rd, 4th, 10th game, but most people wouldn’t know that. You don’t need to hit a home run your first time at bat. Keep the project in scope and execute, unless you just want a hobby project that you’ll work on for years.

+1, yeah, that’s the point…

There are few games that have no rights out there, basicly they are illegal without a license. Most of them are on korean servers. :slight_smile:
I was supporting them, not like working on that game but giving ideas how they could imporve the game.
They ended up with tons of players, i played alot of games and know all mistakes from each game. If i had just enough sponsors and a studio i would basicly be one of the top game developers out there in the world. I know i sound like a douchebag but these Pservers are alive till today and i didn’t even gave them my best ideas :slight_smile:

Saving the best ideas for my own games. Most games don’t reward people for their skill or knowledge, most are unbalanced and just kill the gameplay. I was also playing games that died, they had tons of people… today there are 5-10people online. Not because people hate the game or it got borred… it’s because of what these “pro devs” patched into the games. The game should be simple but some sort of advanced to create some “combos”. I will continue my Project, one day i will be able to show a work and find some people who will work with me. But at first i need to have something in my hands. You cant go to a person and be like “I have an idea…”… like 5000000 other people out there. Having something in your hands, they can see it and it’s easier to imagine something. For years is relative. The thing that takes years ist mostly “graphics” :slight_smile: Not functions.