Need a little help creating character controls

Hi, im new to blueprint, i have figured out how to do some basic environmental things with it but im having difficulty trying to figure out how to create controls for a vehicle.

for simplicity sake, my vehicle is a dot on a 2d top-down screen, i want to create the following controls for it.

  1. Swipe in any direction on screen to move the vehicle in that direction. (2d movements only)
  2. Swipe short to move the vehicle slowly a little bit
  3. swipe long to move the vehicle a lot (and faster)
  4. vehicle behaves realisticly so it starts fast and then slows down as it gets to the end.

Im totally at a loss here, and would appreciate any help.

This sounds like you’re developing it for iOS/Android, if you’re not I’d just use the arrow keys or WASD. My suggestion is if you’re developing for iOS/Android then I’d draw virtual arrow keys to do the same thing.

I’m not very experienced in UE4, but my experience with playing games is immense so from a players PoV my suggestion is what I liked the most.

Thanks for the reply iRageGGB,

Yes i am developing it for the mobile platform, however at this stage i would like to stick to pc for testing, and so i think a better option would be to replace “swipe” with the mouse (so click and drag in the direction you want the vehicle to move).

Im sure ill figure it out eventually, going through more blueprint tutorials currently, but if anybody has any idea, let me know.


You need to setup an axis in Edit >> Project Settings >> Input.

There is an option to do an axis called Swipe left to right.

Check out this entire series for an understanding of controls and Axis input, animation and everything in between, very helpful:

For your problem specifically, check out video 5, 13 and 15. That should cover your needs.

Thank you Rasped! i will take a look.