Need a general cost estimate for a project...

Hey all.

So, i’ve been slowly but surely working my way towards learning the skills and saving up money for a game project I’ve been wanting to make. However, my skills only extend to modeling and texturing, so I need to start thinking about hiring a blueprint/code specialist and an animator. While what I need them to do is relatively small, compared to making an entire game, I have no idea what the end price for their overall services is going to be. Not even a ballpark figure. So, I was hoping that if I posted the overview of what they would need to do on here, someone might be able to help me out and give me a rough estimate of the cost?

In essence, it is a VERY short game with a number of the core gameplay mechanics/components as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Before listing all of this, I thought it might be pertinent to say that, a good number of the things I need are contained within the Adventure Pack in the marketplace. I figured that I could use that as a base and add on whatever needed to be added from there. Items that are already in the Adventure Pack will have a *** in front of them on the below lists.

The blueprint/code specialist would need to create:

  1. ***create/refine a health system
  2. ***basic UI system (not the art, just functionality)
  3. menu system
  4. checkpoint system
  5. save system
  6. ***program walking/running/rolling/ and jumping when walking off ledges
  7. ***ledge climbing up/side to side
  8. ***ceiling and wall climbing
  9. ***Z targeting/Z aiming for aimed items
  10. strafing/side jump/backflip/forward jump slash
  11. ***blocking/sword swinging/sword damage/sword repel from hard object
  12. picking up/setting down/throwing objects
  13. pushing/pulling objects
  14. bombs
  15. ***hookshot/double hookshot
  16. ***bow and arrow
  17. rope arrow (from rise of the tomb raider)
  18. fire arrow/flame propagation in grass
  19. bomb arrow
  20. spinner (top like object from Twilight Princess)
  21. spinner wall tracks (spinner can climb walls along these tracks)
  22. shooting the bow while on the spinner
  23. Sand wand (creates a pillar from the ground on certain terrain types. Seen in Zelda: spirit tracks or Breath of the Wild)
  24. ***boomerang
  25. various types of doors
  26. various types of switches
  27. various types of traps

All of these, as far as I can tell, are pretty simple to make, and I’ve seen most of them have tutorials somewhere on this site.

As for the animator, most animations I would want them to get to around 80% done, before the big time/effort sink of ‘final polish’ where you take that 80% to 100% final quality. However, for the core movement mechanics, I would need those to be at close to final polish level in order to correctly build the puzzles in the game.

Also, the animation would be for a slim female character of about 5’8", compared to the rather burly 6’5" UE4 male mannequin.

Final quality stuff:

  1. walking
  2. running
  3. rolling
  4. jumping off edges
  5. wall climbing
  6. ceiling climbing
  7. climbing up ledges
  8. sword attacks
  9. strafing
  10. forward slash
  11. backwards flip
  12. side jump

For the 80% quality only stuff:

  1. picking up/setting down bombs/objects
  2. throwing bomb/object
  3. shooting bow
  4. riding spinner
  5. pushing/pulling objects
  6. shooting/being pulled by hookshot
  7. using sand wand
  8. using boomerang

Aaaand I think thats it. Hopefully you guys can somewhat give me a general figure of what I should expect to try to save up over the next year or so. :smiley:

for animators and modelers give a try at C.G traders .com . U can have people to hire there… Cost no idea sorry but what is the range of money U want to hire people ? They take money according to models type 1. Rigged or non rigged
2. Platforms
3. High/low poly
4. Amount of detail

U will also need voice actors … Have U thought about it ?

well really, as it stands, the stuff I listed is the bare minimum I need before I can start working on the actual content of the game: puzzles. In order to build the puzzles, I need accurate movement mechanics and ‘good enough’ item mechanics. Only once the puzzles are done will I even bother to think about finishing the rest of what the game needs.

U might wanna put up a job info at the forums job offering section . But, I am telling U voice actors costs a lot . Well, all I can say is best of luck buddy