(nearly) no lights when playing in VR Preview Mode

Hi there!
I’m experiencing a very odd problem. I build a very large outdoor terrain divided via world composition and lit with only static lights. When I play the level from the editor everything looks fine. But when I use the VR preview mode with my oculus cv1 everything is nearly pitch black. In the distance I could make out the “sun”, so I guessed somehow there is not enough light for the rift … I put in two more directional lights and maxed their intensity with the result that in the editor everything was totally overexposed and in the rift it looked like a very dark night scene but at least I was able to see my level.

Somehow, my lights get lost in the rift…:eek: I’m using 4.11.2 and a cv1 with the latest firmware. Any ideas appreciated. And sorry for my bad englisch…


ok, figured it out: it was a problem with an old VR template which I used. See here: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/2jrmpg/issue_in_ue_45_game_in_oculus_rift_mode
I just needed to change to the default playercontroller and everythings works fine.