nDisplay without frame lock

Hello everyone,

I am working on a research project, which involves a room with 4 (stereoscopic) projectors and a sophisticated audio simulation software. I started to use UE4 with nDisplay, where 8 viewports and windows are displayed on one machine (Video PC), but they should be controlled by one window over at another machine (master node, Audio PC; this instance is only here to send position updates in real time to another application)
Now my problem is, that I want those position updates at a rate of at least 360hz, but nDisplay locks all instances across the network to the same frame rate (between 60 - 120 fps). I already somehow managed to increase the fps of one instance to about 1000fps when turning off rendering altogether, but I cannot recreate this. I still need the node to check the boundaries of the map when moving around, but I am only interested in the position of certain objects and the camera.

Is it possible to turn off frame lock for only one instance of the cluster? Or is there another way to achieve what I am looking for? (Maybe multiplayer?)

What I already tried without success is turning off the synchronization in the config file. Even if that worked, I still want the 8 viewports to be synchronized on the Video PC.