nDisplay UE 4.24


there seems to be some missing documentation, a bug somewhere or I don’t understand something correctly.

I have a 5 Sided Cave with VRPN and a Running VR using nDisplay and UE 4.23.

nDisplay with UE 4.24 almost works fine, but I cannot get the VRPN input connected to the camera.
I tried the provided nDisplay project as well, but run into the same problem.

The camera isn’t using the VRPN tracking data, thought the configuration file is workling with 4.23.

How do I bind the VRPN headtracking input to the default camera in UE 4.24 ?


Are you using MPCDI projection type ?

Here is what you need to do:

It seems the config is exactly how it was in 4.23. I’m pretty sure op has something similar.

Can you point out what’s different in 4.24 from 4.23 (in terms of VRPN driven camera)?

I’m having the same problem. I can use the same config file without a problem in 4.22 and 4.23, but the camera is simply static with 4.24 projects.

The major difference is that there is no DisplayClusterGameMode and DisplayClusterPawn. in 23 we had pawn camera to control head tracking.
Since 24 those dependencies removed and nDisplay cluster can work with any game mode and pawn.

DisplayClusterCameraComponent which is a part of DisplayClusterRootActor is now responsible for head tracking.
look for DisplayClusterModuleApi -> GetDefaultCamera()