nDisplay - Shader Pass on the Viewport Output

Good Day Epic Crew!

Using Unreal 4.27.2

We’re trying to create a pipeline for our warp and blend software to be able to be used with nDisplay.
Currently we can output a 2D mesh (using .ply) and various textures for the warping and blending.

Is there a way to add a OpenGL Shader pass, or a Blit material pass on the nDisplay viewport output? (forgive my language, I’m coming at this from Unity)

This is the last hurdle for us in creating an nDisplay workflow for our clients.

I’ve got our configuration file as it currently exists, if it’s required.
We’ve tried using a mesh and a camera, but it looks like the viewport output is what we require.

Unless someone has a better workflow?

I’ve also got samples of our Data too if anyone would like to attempt it themselves.

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I’m struggling with this. Have you solved it yet? :slightly_smiling_face: