nDisplay Frame Sequential Stereo Mosaic Crashes

I am currently working to implement a cave system with 4 screens using a mosaic off of a single quadro p5000. I have a second p5000 running 2 monitors on the system as well. The program launches
fine in mono mode, tracking works, no errors. However, I have found that when I try to launch my application in frame sequential stereo I get an error: Assertion failed: pOglViewport [File:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Plugins\Runtime
Display\Source\DisplayCluster\Private\Render\Devices\QuadBufferStereo\DisplayClusterDeviceQuadBufferStereoOpenGL.cpp] [Line : 48]

Has anyone else seen this error before or have any idea how to go about fixing it.

Additional information and thing I have tried so far:

No issues with Mono mode.

I am able to launch the app in stereo mode if I do it on one of the 2 other monitors, on the other card, but if i try to move it over to the mosaic view it crashes.

If I launch on one of the other 2 monitors in a small window then attempt to make the window full screen it crashes with the same error.

I can also launch it in stereo on the mosaic view if I launch it in a small window that only covers parts of the first 2 screens in the mosaic, roughly 30% of each screens covered, as soon as I try to make it full screen I get the error.