Navmesh on the Endless Runner example

I’m creating a motorbike game in which the road spawns infinitely as per this tutorial:

As I’m preparing to do the enemy AIs I realise that it’s necessary for them to pathfind around obstacles. Because my road tiles are being spawned dynamically, I can’t build paths normally. So I figured what I would do is to make a NavmeshBounds Volume which covered the whole level, and place a navigation Invoker component in my character.

One problem seems to be that the navmesh is not being built dynamically and regardlessly, the track will eventually exit the volume if the game goes on for long enough. Am I going in the right direction? Is there are way for me to create AIs which are not dependant on Navmesh pathfinding and are still able to detect obstacles ahead of them. I’m not very techincal, so I’m doing all of this in blueprints.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

EDIT: Also I can’t preview any Navmesh during Runtime either. If I hit ’ to open the debug menu I get this:


So have you find out your solution now? I have a generated map too and met the same problem as yours.