NavMesh doesn't work in NetMode "Play as Client"

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the thing… i have a main level, with only the light actors, set to support World Composition.
That level spawns ATM one more level, that contains the rest of actors (Landscape, NavMesh bounds Volume, StaticMeshes, etc.).

Now back to the problem… it doesn’t matter what Navigation System i use (Generic Navigation System Config/Navigation System Module Config)
If i use “Play Offline, or Play as Listen, or Play Standalone” the character can move on the landscape, navmesh rebuilds… all is fine

However, if i use “Play as Client” the character tries to go, it turns, but it only jitters on its location :frowning:

I am using this NetMode together with “Run Dedicated Server”, and if i exit the Dedicated Server Window while the character is trying to move, it starts to move normally.

Please Help.

Update: While not using the “Run Dedicated Server” option, i noticed that only clients, that connects to server, cannot move… the server character can move without issues.

Sounds like the movement node is called too often/fast. Look at a working example and compare it to your usecase.

I created TopDown Template as a new Project, set NetMode to “Play as Client”, and pressed Play… same problem.

I still can’t make it to work :frowning:

I noticed a warning in the Output log:

Forum search suggested that i am missing enough player starts for the player characters, so i tried to add plenty of these into the level, with no luck :frowning:
The warning is still present, and clients don’t move on navmesh :frowning: