Navmesh doesn't find path to different altitude!?


I had a quick question on UE4 navigation. I have a landscape with some hills, cliffs, and buildings, a blueprinted character, and a NavMeshBoundsVolume. The navigation seems to have calculated paths correctly, and if the character is on one side of the landscape and I click on the other, the character will run to the clicked location; and if there are hills, buildings or cliffs in the way, the character will run round them in an optimum line. But if I click on a hill (or an area of just slightly different altitude to where the character is currently standing, even if the path is a straight line with no obstacles), the navigation can’t find the path (using Find Path to Location Synchronously) and the character just stands still.

Is there a setting I am missing somewhere in the RecastNavMesh actor (or elsewhere)?


Ok, found it. It was my move to location blueprint that was normalising the click hit location to the characters z coord, so when I clicked on a hill it was passing the navmesh an unreachable location…