Navigation path not loading in packaged game + problems w/ Epic VR template on Index

Hi there!

I’ve spent countless hours in the last month trying to figure out some problems. I’m almost done with my project, but these things are completely blocking me from release.

Most of my problems boil down to navigation.

When I started this project, the whole thing was taking a long time to load (over 35 seconds), which is a big no-no in VR. I optimized the files as best as I could, and was able to shave off 5 seconds. And then I started to experiment with Level Streaming, and while the game now loads instantly, all hell broke loose.

My set up is that I have a loading screen (permanent level), who streams the level in when it opens. My navigation data is all in the sub-level (though I tried to have it all in the permanent level as someone suggested).

First, the navigation only works one time out of ten in the packaged version. This makes debugging the game extremely difficult. I’ve tried all solutions proposed in this forum, but I can’t figure out why this happen. It seems completely random. For example, there was one time that I increased the cell height to 75, rebuilt navigation, and it worked ingame.

Second, when the Gods are smiling to me, and the navigation finally works, I get a very strange behavior on the Valve Index. The player just gets randomly dragged around in the environment. Here a friend recorded some feedback where you can see clearly what happens:
(Behavior is extremely bad around 4:10 and beyond)

I’m using the VR template with a few extra bits that I added myself, but the movement code is intact, it’s the same one provided by Epic.

At this point, I’m willing to hire someone who’s knowledgeable about these systems and has a Valve Index (maybe 2 or 3 people with such profile in the world? haha). But it would be even greater if I could get some insights on what could be causing this.

Some more information:
Unreal version: 4.25.3
Static Navigation Data (for performance reasons)
The navigation works fine on Oculus (no draggin around), but is completely broken on Valve Index

Thanks in advance!