Nav Mesh re-ocation Issue??


I have this Simple Enemy following the player with a Nav Mesh Volume. I had it hooked up and everything was working with it, but then I decided to move the whole thing, Nav Volume, Enemy, and Trigger to a new location, and it doesn’t work anymore.

I moved it all around thinking maybe it didn’t like the floor it was sitting on which was higher than the base floor where it was originally set up at, but nothing seems to work, then I move it back around where its original location was and its working again.

Could someone help me out with this? I re-built everything everytime I’ve moved it, and nothing seems to matter.

Any help would be appreciated…thanks!

Ok, so this is frustrating. I even deleted Nav mesh, and trigger, closed the editor…reopened the editor and loaded the level. I re-created both the Navmesh and the Trigger somewhere else in the level, didn’t work. I moved this newly created Nav and Trigger to the old location where I created the first mesh and trigger…works just fine!!

What is going on with this??

I replaced the trigger with just the enemy AI character following the player with an Event tick, works fine…as long as the Nav Mesh is in the earlier created location. I can even scale out the Nav Mesh to the extent of the floor it was created on and it updates, and the AI character moves to the extended extents. It seems like it wants to have part of the Navmesh touching that previously created location.

So what does this mean? Why would it update its bounds as long as its touching a part of where it was first created, yet it wont update if its moved to a completely new location?

Is this a bug? It seems to be updating to an extent, so its not like its not updating at all, I just cant move it from that location without it breaking.

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