Nature Pack (buy now)

Nature Pack

This pack contains models of nature-

4 models of rocks
4 models of plants
4 materials
6 textures

buy now for only 2.50 dollar! :

P.S - The pack is being updated and the price will rise in the future, so I advise you to buy it now!


looks good, but the grass waves a bit unusual, would like to see it placed in actual deployed nature setting. Also its a bit odd to buy from selfy, there seems to be no apparent license etc. Thus maybe aim for a market release with a bit more assets. The stones look really good. Keep it coming!

as i said it will get updated i will add a lot of things, i will fix the grass its really looks wierd, and about selfy i dont know about any license but im using that site for years and didnt get scammd or something like that