Nativized Blueprints randomly rotate "Instanced Static Meshes"

So, i was playing around with “Static Instanced Meshes” and the new Feature to nativize Blueprints.

Here is what happens if the Blueprints are NOT nativized: [All Cubes are spawned with the given Rotation (0,0,0)]

And here is what happens after nativizing the Blueprints: [They all are spawned with a Rotation of (0,0,0)]

I have not found a workaround for that.
But i can replicate it over and over again if i change the packaging-settings.


Could you provide screenshots of the blueprint you are using to spawn these ISMs? I attempted to reproduce this in a clean project and was unable to do so.


Yes i can.

I also did some more research.

But let me get started with your request:

This is where the ISMs get spawned. The Location comes from an Array that i filled with 0,0,0 (as placeholder).

This is where i put the placeholder-values into the rotation-array. (works in BP, does weird stuff after nativizing)

Yesterday evening i replaced the 0,0,0 with a variable that is 0,0,0 and the random rotation disappeared.

I then did a print-string for the Array (on both versions) and i came to the conclusion that the “set array element” with “0,0,0” did set random values until it got a variable with 0,0,0 attached to it.

So the ISMs are spawned according to the rotation in the array, but the rotation gets set wrong after Nativizing. (not 0,0,0 as it should be.)

But i cant replicate it (at least not today) since i replaced the 0,0,0 with a variable that is 0,0,0, even if i remove the variable. (tried it 3 times now)

After investigating this issue, it appears to be related to Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-33883)

This is an issue where nativizing blueprints caused uninitialized values to be replaced with a temporary value. The workaround you suggested (using a variable instead of just the default value on the pin) will work fine for the time being.

Have a great day!