Nativization causes crash in packaged build (enum related)


I’ve enabled exclussive nativization in my project. But when the project is build I get crashes when starting the game or sometimes it manages to get start, but when i load a map from the main menu of our game it also crashes, always with the same exact error.

When nativization is turned off, there are no crashes or no errors.

Now here is the interesting bit. When I enable nativization with the “exclussive” method and keep the list of blueprints to nativize EMPTY and then build the project… it still causes the crashes.

So my guess is that even if you don’t select any blueprints to nativize but still have nativization enabled in project settings the game engine still does some nativizing of itself. Am I right in assuming this?
If yes, then I’m thinking that the crashes are caused by one or more of the enums used in our game. The problem is I can’t really replace all of them with int’s because that would just make the code unreadable and not userfriendly to work with. How could I pinpoint the enums that are causing the crash?

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Check here…Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-59894). please vote to fix !

I voted! (short message)