Nasty bug workarounds

I’ll post some bugs with workarounds here.
Because even though Epic doesn’t care, google and other search engines do, yet there’s no solutions in there, so I had to remind myself how to debug.

Not using the official bug tracker because I feel epic doesn’t care and also it’s locked from search engines, so screw. Feel free to repost it there, so may be Epic will fix it in about ten years.

  1. Editor crash in attempt to render a map with baked lighting on tessellated object.
    Workaround: don’t use flat tessellation, use pn triangles mode only.

  2. Static lighting flicker like crazy on distant tessellated surfaces.
    Workaround: enable “render customdepth pass”.

  3. Animation → is playing just doesn’t work for skeletal mesh attached to another. It can stuck true and it can return false prematurely.
    Workaround: just don’t use it, instead use delays and set variable flags if you need.

  4. Using Async Load Primary Asset → Loaded with intent to switch to a loaded map only works for the first time it is loaded, other times it can return any other asset you have ever loaded.
    Workaround: don’t use Loaded, manually define map url and use it instead.

  5. r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold doesn’t work if used in the editor, but does if used in the preview or set via blueprint command.

I don’t think this would help future searchers much. Each specific bug should have it’s own thread with relevant title.

You a free to create such threads, I don’t feel like doing so