Nanite Issue - gaps between Nanite static meshes at a distance

I have a very large static mesh. Larger than I could import as a single static mesh into UE5. So I divided into smaller parts, imported them with Nanite enabled, then added those parts to my level.

Up close, everything is brilliant. But as I move away from them, seams between the parts start to become visible. I’m guessing this is because Nanite is working and reducing polies, but it’s also changing the size of the meshes enough that light shines through between them.

I then Disabled Nanite to verify it was Nanite causing the issue and not something else. With Nanite disabled, no seams are visible and no light shines through. But of course, I’m rendering too many polies for a production asset.

I watched the available videos on Nanite again, looking for a setting or process I should be doing to eliminate this and couldn’t find any mention of this issue or how to resolve it. So now I’m reaching out here, hoping for some insight on what to do.


Of course, shortly after finally asking I found a workaround that improved my situation. By extruding the base such that none of the parts were planes makes the issue not visible at the sizes I’m running at. I need to investigate further to see if this fix the issue completely.