N64 like Resolution for Viewport

Hey y’all,

So a friend and I are toying with Unreal by making a StarFox like but we want to change the Viewport resolution to a 320x240 to get the perfect feel. But we are trying to figure out where we can change it.

This is a very noob question, but I have just barely started to understand Blueprints and she is coming from C# coding. So any insight is good insight, be it showing how it is done via BP, C++, or something we are looking over in the settings.


A few things to check into are: screen percentage (set it lower so it downsamples to a lower resolution from default or higher), LODs (when placing low-poly objects in the scene, set their LODs to higher levels…as higher LOD values mean lower resolution mips and lower means higher resolution mips), change Resolution in Scalability settings (above Viewport, go to Settings, Scalability and there’s a resolution setting that starts at 90, I think, or 100…lower that). Those are some starting points. Make meshes and FX using lower resolution lightmaps, texture maps, and use low-res textures for materials.