N00B here, want to know about android support

Hi, I just finished creating a game in LibGDX, it is a java based gamedevelopment engine, and I found that the final stage of the project, integrating it with google services was a horrible experiance.

I want to know what UE4’s integration with android and google services is like, is it difficult? Do I need to do heaps of android specific code? (Google developers update their APIs regularly enough to make void any documentation anybody has written for them and it is horrible.)

Also, what is it like running UE4 on android, I have a Samsung S3, as an indie, its REALY difficult to get the game play-tested, and in my experiance the easiest way to get some play testing is get people to try out games on my phone casually.

Well, if UE4 is easy and feasible and fast enough for android I hope to see you around in the community.