Mystery Texture Appearing in Editor

I have a project from UE 4.8 that I’m now working with under 4.11.

It’s a simple map, just a generic landscape with materials applied to it that are built from material functions.
A bit complex, but nothing wild.

Everytime I open the Editor, a Texture appears in the same location as my Map. The texture is named “Texture2D_2_BaseColor”.
When I click on it, a UE pop-up appears that says “Failed to load Assets”.

This texture is not mine, there is no file for it present within Project Content folder, it doesn’t save, and it doesn’t package.

When I attempt to load the map outside of the editor (like in game); the map fails to load with “Missing Package”, but there is no package name specified. I believe it is this mysterious texture that is the culprit for that warning.

It appears that the editor is creating this item to as a result of some shortcoming from the existing materials/textures used in the map, in order to allow the map to load. It just isn’t giving me any indication to where the problem lays so that I make correct the bunk material/texture/material function/instance…

Any thoughts?

While this issue and the solution is not related to my “Missing Package” issue; I was able to solve the mystery texture.

It was the same solution as here: